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"This way of learning a language made complete sense to me. Working with the SpeakEZ German course, I was able to understand more in 2 weeks than in five years of German in school!"
      -- Asbj�rn Finsnes

"The way in which this method is presented provided me with language that will suit me in a foreign country instead of a collection of unusable vocabulary words.

Those who have studied languages realize that looking-up individual words cannot convey a language in the correct manner. Becoming fluent means being able to verbalize ideas ; not learning technical rules and identifying the Past Predicate Indicative.

The audio part of this method has been my favorite portion of the learning process. Not only is the pronunciation slow and clear, but it is presented so that I remember the flow of sentences and concepts.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with this amazing program; it has been a blessing for me."

-- Destiny Yarbro, College Student


On this page, you'll find resources which will add fun and depth to your language learning. We're updating this page continually, so check back often!

Books - Movies - Internet - Food - Exchange Programs

  • How To Learn Any Language by Barry Farber
Good list of language learning strategies, very entertaining! Barry is conversational in 25 languages, proof that this stuff works!

  • Good-bye, Lenin
    One of my favorites. A humoristic yet realistic perspective on the time period just after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
  • Mostly Martha
    Story about a neurotic German cook who gets in touch with her human side through a dramatic event and a charming Italian cook.
  • Wings of Desire
    An art movie about an angel who observes Berlin and falls in love with a circus performer and decides to come down to Earth to meet her.

  • Meet fellow language students to practice speaking

  • Linguaguide
A valuable selection of articles on language learning, plus Ray sells two e-books "Learn How To Absorb Foreign Languages Faster" that are worth the read. To learn more, click here.

  • Free language learning resources for many different languages
  • Coming soon!

Exchange Programs
  • Coming soon!

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