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"This way of learning a language made complete sense to me. Working with the SpeakEZ German course, I was able to understand more in 2 weeks than in five years of German in school!"
      -- Asbjrn Finsnes

"The way in which this method is presented provided me with language that will suit me in a foreign country instead of a collection of unusable vocabulary words.

Those who have studied languages realize that looking-up individual words cannot convey a language in the correct manner. Becoming fluent means being able to verbalize ideas ; not learning technical rules and identifying the Past Predicate Indicative.

The audio part of this method has been my favorite portion of the learning process. Not only is the pronunciation slow and clear, but it is presented so that I remember the flow of sentences and concepts.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with this amazing program; it has been a blessing for me."

-- Destiny Yarbro, College Student

Listen to Foreign Holiday Tunes

by Nathalie V. Fairbanks

Listen To Foreign Holiday Tunes
by Nathalie Fairbanks

Can you believe that the French Christmas song "Petit Papa Nol" brings tears to my eyes? Then when I sing the German Christmas carols, I feel the awe of a little girl thinking of Christmas all over again.

Music has a powerful effect on our emotions. I'm sure you have songs that you connect with memories of your childhood, a past love, or a special time in your life. It's even more powerful when you share music with family and friends.

Getting to know the music of another culture is a great way to connect with the people who love it. It's very foreign at first, because you might not feel much of anything listening to that particular type of music. The more you listen to it, though, the more you get used to it and start appreciating it, even if you didn't fall in love with it from the get-go.

A great way to find out more about foreign holiday songs is to get a list of titles and then go hunt for a recording on-line. I've found some at the iTunes store, some on YouTube, and many on Amazon as mp3 downloads.

To give you an orientation, I'll stick to the tradition I know, which is Christmas, but you can find just about any holiday song with the same search strategy.

Here are a few Christmas music links on About.com:

German Song Lyrics

French Christmas Carols

Top 7 Spanish or Bilingual Christmas Music and

The Songs of Christmas in Spanish

You can listen to two of my favorite Christmas songs here:

Petit Papa Nol (French)

Stille Nacht (Holy Night in German)

And here's a very popular Spanish Christmas song:

Los peces en el ro

Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays!

2008 Nathalie V. Fairbanks

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